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Oh my God !

The day I started with the clock striking four
It was dark and chilly with fogs galore
I got up and finished my daily routine
And started getting ready as I thought umpteen.
Bijoya Rani, the icing on the cake of your life
You have enriched our lives with your so many jibes
God, I must have done something good sometime.

It is my 70th Birthday, I am blessed my Lord
You have given me so much, I couldn’t think of but God
My smooth childhood with good schooling and loving parents
They gave me the values, treasures all inherent
Then I got an understanding and supportive husband
And finally my family and my children.

Never could I dream that we would be together
All in Goa – what a lovely place, one year in my feather
How could all my children plan such a wonderful trip
Love and light all around, God’s Grace was the fillip.

How matured they are, guiding and taking care
Giving us back all the love and good things we can bear.
I pray for their well-being, Oh my Lord be with them
Always show and guide them, love them, be with them.

I bend down on my knees and pray for them
All my love and blessing will help to glide them
In this difficult world, please let them be happy
Healthy and wealthy, peaceful serenity.

Thank you my family, my loved ones, once again
With my ever-loving partner, I pray and pray!

Anuradha Gupta
Bangalore 16th/17th Nov’16

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