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My beloved Amma

Amma, mother of the Universe, give me strength/
To fight all odds, to stand up straight/
To be honest and compassionate/
A true human being, just like a fountain/
Pouring out love to everybody/
And overlooking all wrong deeds/
Have faith in You and trust/
Since to live happily it is a must./
Dearest Amma, my source of living/
Encircle my thoughts with Your bindings/
Let me see You in every human being/
Which will change my attitude/
Let it be blessed with holy multitudes/
Please, You holy angel, omnipotent./
Your omnipresence is felt every time/
And You are an omniscient soul/
Let it kindle in me the light of love/
And search my soul and let me surrender/
At Your lotus Feet with all the prayers/
Please grant me the blessings which I aspire/
You, the Goddess of Universe, without any fear.



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