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Prayers on 13.11.16

The flight from Kolkata was delayed by an hour

We were eagerly waiting to meet the children in the bower

Flowers and accolades may be strewn in their path of lives

With prayers and blessing shining like diamond in their lives

We could spend sometime together, so nice to take some time away

Just for us, a generous deed definitely out of the way

We are blessed, feeling wonderful am praying with my hands in fold

Let the children be loving, compassionate strong and bold.

Blessed are we, being always trying to do good deeds

Blessed be thou for taking care of all our needs.

Thank you God for giving me such an understanding family!

I may have been awful at times, forgive me all of you – as you are my family

I prostate You for being blessed out of nowhere

I must have done something good someday somewhere !



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