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The weather was still – and the sky blue
I was wondering what to do but didn’t have any clue,
There was a dark cloud of loneliness, though we are two
Still there was no butterfly and loads of work to do,
But we felt lost in our own thought I don’t know why
Was searching for some in the azure sky, p
Then I saw some loving familiar faces looking
Are they my children, my God, they are my babies, loving us
And who is the icing on the cake with a wide smile
Taking away all the dark clouds, dressed into beautiful glide
Oh ! My my ! It is the victorious, smiling widely with twinkling eyes
It is Bijoya dispersing all gloom and giving us the precious prize .
It was a dream come true, our children came for a short visit.
Be happy , prosperous , healthy children
We are waiting for your next visit !

Anuradha Gupta
Kolkata. 8/12/14n


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