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Did I ever realise that my children
love me so much ?
Did I ever know that parents are spoilt
when they become old ?
Never did I dream that I would be getting
these wonderful gifts ?
Never did I know that I mean so much
to all my children.
I am honoured, I am blessed to have
such loving children,
Never did I visualise that they would
take the front seat
And drive me beautifully to the
world of love
Where love is the key of the house
and compassion is the driving force
May God bless them and shower on them
the happiest blessings in the world
I, as a mother, wish them health, wealth
and happiness
To grow more and more and turn into
a complete human being
To all my children, this is the loving
and sincerest wish from a MOTHER.
Let God be with you all and can love you
only more than a MOTHER.

Anuradha Gupta
Kolkata. 11/11/14


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